Hiking on the C&O Canal Towpath


My name is Ed.  I’m a 40-something IT guy.  Many years ago as a Boy Scout, I frequently went on camping trips with my troop.  I liked camping!  But one thing I always dreaded was hiking.

“Let’s all go walk for ten miles through a hot, sandy, buggy Florida summer.”

“Awwwwwwwwwww!  Not again!”

I had no interest in hiking, no interest in shoes, no interest in packs.  I’d rather go swim in the lake, play with fire, or carve on a stick.

Now, as an adult I find myself interested.  I work in a city, live in a city, spend very little time outdoors, and need to shed a few pounds.  One day some of my coworkers were talking about taking a long hike, and I found myself actually wanting to join them.  They wanted to walk the C&O canal towpath from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC.  185 miles?  Sure.  Why not.

So this blog is about my new hobby:  Planning for hiking, hiking, and complaining about hiking.

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